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Onsite Taco Catering Anaheim

Sat, Mar 20th, 2021

Today our taco catering team visited the nearby city of Anaheim, where people are not only
baseball fans but also taco fans. Tacos Zapata was honored to provide onsite taco catering to
our host who was holding a bachelorette party for a friend.

As we prepared to set up the taco cart and taco bar, our team noticed the Mexican theme and
there is no better way to throw a Mexican-style party than by having onsite authentic tacos. Our
guest ordered our special package that included four meat entrees: Carne Asada, Chicken, Al
Pastor, and Carnitas. The taco bar was also upgraded to include an additional condiment like
shredded cheese and a side of rolled chicken taquitos. The guests were astounded by the taco
bar. And you can not have a Mexican party without an agua fresca. However, that was not a
problem because Tacos Zapata offers a variety of flavors for the agua frescas. Our taco team
provided a five-gallon watermelon agua fresca to compliment the tacos. Additionally, If you are
drinking tequila like the soon to be married bachelorette was, agua frescas are good mixers and
chasers for those tequila shots.

Next time you feel spontaneous and want to have a Mexican-themed event, Tacos Zapata is the
perfect onsite catering company to fulfill the authenticity of your event.